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An educationist, social innovator, non-profit consultant, human capital developer, youth and child mentor and advocate, writer and dramatist, Bright Nnaeto is the Founder of Better-Your-World Youth Network – a network of innovative African youths with a burden to ensure a better world for us and coming generations.

He’s Lead Volunteer at Pick A Child Africa, Lead Strategist at Panacea Centre for Adult, Nonformal and Continuing Education, and also the convener of The Vulnerable Ones Campaign and Emerging Leaders Summit. He loves volunteering and currently volunteers with a couple of nonprofits within and outside Nigeria.

Bright Nnaeto holds a degree in English Language & Literary Studies from the University of Benin, Bénin City, Nigeria. He also studied Strategic Management from the International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI), as well as Human Resource Management from Horebson Resources, Nigeria. He is a trained Development Knowledgeable Facilitator, and a Family and Community Life Réorientation Expert.

He is a 2018 nominee of the World Bank Social Inclusion Heroes Awards (SIHA). His international awards nominations also include the King Baudouin African Development Prize 2018). For daring to be different, he’s a 2015 and youngest recipient of CTU-4 Changemakers’ Awards by IofC Int’l. He is also a two-time nominee of the LEAP/Union Bank Social Innovators’ Programme & Awards (SIPA). He envisions a world where no adult is illiterate, and no child is out of school – a vision he now vigorously pursues as one of his lifelong goals.

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