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Bruno Lozzi da Costa


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I study Social Communication. It's part of me work on social projects, helping my neighbor with charity work. The smile of a child is very rewarding.

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Knowledge and new friendships.

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Hello, I’m 22 years old. I live in a city in the interior of São Paulo just over 20 thousand inhabitants, called Santo Anastacio. I am a student, CEO of Family Pipa and coordinator of a project of the Department of Assistance of my city. I enjoy being with people. I am a member of CONSEG (Community Security Council) since 2009, having been on the Board of Ethics of the same organization, and DeMolay since 2011. I’m planning on, along with some friends to found the first Rotaracy my city and thus together, do much more for our – so wanted and loved – population.

Project Overview

Youths working for peace and love to children and needy people

The Família Pipa is an ONG established on 1 September 2008 for teens. We performed even without own facilities and no government support, more than 200,000 donations, benefiting more than 45,000 people, including children and seniors. Raised over R$ 75,000 thousand reais during those five years of Institution (R$ 35,000 thousand reais only in 2013 - which shows great progress). Fundraising has always been from the trust and affection of residents, businesses and charitable events (since so far we have received no government investment). We started last year creating advertising campaigns to encourage donations and volunteerism, seeking more partners for the sake of charity and good for others. The Group is looking to help others and contribute to an even better community understanding that does not need to go far away, and there are many things to be done in the environment where each volunteer lives. Currently, the Família Pipa participates of project social public and/or anonymously in nine cities of the region, benefiting more than twelve municipalities. The works are based on search in favor of rights and guarantees to the population, claiming, where necessary, and even denouncing the government, the police and the public prosecutor, environmental crime, trafficking and consumption of drugs and precariousness in the municipality, environmental protection, cultural preservation and encouragement, education, welfare and health. Withdrew, over time, more than three tons of waste into streams, lakes, rivers and forests in an attempt to preserve the environment and all species, as well as conducting educational campaigns for environmental preservation, tree planting, replanting riparian forests on slopes, ravines and conducting afforestation activities and donating recyclable materials removed from such environments cleanings, to collectors of recycling registered on Institutional Program "Recycling for Life" (including electronic gathering material for distribution mutirões Junk).

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