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AppParental wants to support parents and schools to teach kids a responsible contact with smartphones and tablets. Because of smartphones and tablets cyber-mobbig, sexting and visits of illegal websites are just a few clicks away.

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Portugal has one of the lowest social participation rates in the european union. By offering workshops to high school students all over portugal we realized that there are 340.000 students eager to improve their communities but lack the encouragement ecosystem and references.

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We want to support blind people by visualizing their environment. With the help of tactile cards blind people will be able to get a overview of their environment. We simplify these cards with a special technique, produce and deliver them immediately.

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UNVERPACKT-EINKAUFEN wants to reduce the packaging waste in supermarkets. Instead of transporting products in plastic bags, you should rather be able to first decide how much of the product you actually want and need and second transport it with your own box or bag or in whatever you keep that product.

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Damascus Fortune

Damascus Fortune has patented technology that transforms harmful carbon emissions into carbon Nanotubes - one of the strongest material known to man. Our equipment is installed on factory chimneys in order to capture the waste carbon gas and convert it into usable carbon nanomaterials. The technology has made carbon sequestering profitable and sets a new precedent for reducing carbon emissions. The patented technology will change the dynamics of climate change globally as it creates a mad rush for emissions to convert them into useful products.

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A majority of the world is unaware of how blood donations work or where to find donors when they need one. Hospitals and blood banks still use old and slow methods of accomplishing this very important task. 65% of blood transfusions in low-income countries are given to children under five years of age while the blood donation rate remains between 10 - 40 donations per 1000. Inspite of the burgeoning population there is always a shortage of blood.

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Roseicollis Technologies is a social enterprise designed to implement unique technologies in developing and emerging markets. The organizations primary technology is the SunSaluter, a cost-effective solar panel rotator that increases the efficiency of solar panels to bring alternative energy and electricity to developing countries. The SunSaluter aims to increase energy and clean drinking water accessibility to off-grid communities, and thus mitigate the environmental and health implications from traditional energy and water sources. Furthermore, the SunSaluter helps to eliminate the need for villagers to travel to areas with grid electricity, thus reducing fuel consumption and increasing quality of life. By creating designs that are intuitive and locally sourceable, the SunSaluter empowers the local community through education and sustainable design.

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SessionLine ist a network for your activities. Instead of searching for people you search for activities. You can either publish your own activities and invite people to it or you look for interessting activities instead.

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Anjna Patient Education

Mobile Solutions for Patient Engagement. Anjna is a 501(c)3 nonprofit company that addresses the healthcare crisis in the United States by designing, building, and implementing innovative mobile health solutions, especially for safety net communities that are at greater risk for chronic, preventable diseases. Using interactive and personalized text and voice messages, we deliver actionable, tailored medical content that improves appointment attendance, medication compliance and disease self-management skills.

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Moneythink is an American educational non-profit organization that places college volunteers in high school classrooms to teach courses in financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The organization is self-described as the only movement of young people working to restore the economic health of America through financial education[1] Moneythink recruits college volunteers, typically majoring in business, finance, or economics, to teach courses in financially literacy and entrepreneurship at high schools in their communities. The Moneythink program consists of one year long curriculum called the Economic Opportunity Curriculum.[2] Over the course of the curriculum mentors teach weekly classes covering a wide range of basic financial practices and business strategies. The program also offers pre-professional activities for students to engage in, including business pitching competitions, job shadows, and visits to professional workplaces.

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Everybody Dance Now!

Everybody Dance Now! is a youth-run nonprofit organization that provides free, weekly dance programming to young people throughout the country who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. We are dedicated not only to inspiring our students through positive outlets that promote healthy and active lives, but also to empowering our young leaders as agents of social change. During a dance performance on stage, Jackie Rotmans music suddenly stopped. In response, members of the audience joined Jackie on stage and began dancing to show their support. Expanding on the idea that dance can help foster a positive atmosphere, Jackie began providing hip-hop classes free of charge to youth that would not otherwise be able to afford them. Now with 10 chapters across the country, Everybody Dance Now! is a nonprofit organization that aims to transform the lives of youth through dance, leadership, and community.

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For the first time in Berlin former homeless people become city guides and show Berlin from their perspective. Its a great oppurtunity to learn something about homeless people and their all day struggles, to abandon prejudices and visite places you´ve never been before. Currently there are two tours through two famous Berlin districts.

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volunTEENnation.org is an online national volunteer search program focused on youth to be supported by advertising revenue from sustainable and eco-friendly companies and organizations. There are limited volunteer opportunities for youth under the age of 18 due to safety, security and liability.

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GreenShields is an aerodynamic add on device, designed to reduce drag and increase gas mileage in school buses. The basic idea is that school systems are not able to buy new, more energy efficient buses, therefore by using add on technology similar to what is used on trucks, schools can save money and pollute less. The founders have been refining the device, which is attached to the front of the buses roof, for the last two years at Northwestern University¹s Engineering School, with the help of two NU interns, a project manager and high school students.

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Food Recovery Network

The Food Recovery Network is a network of student groups at four different colleges in America. We recover surplus food from campus dining halls and sporting events that would otherwise be thrown away and instead, take the food to local homeless shelters. We hope to ignite a food recovery movement, expand the Food Recovery Network to as many colleges as possible, and to help create a stronger food recovery culture in America.

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EcoViate is a research and development company that focuses on disposable, efficient, and inexpensive green technologies. The primary technology is a device that fits onto the exhaust of motor vehicles and reduces carbon emissions using algae.

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