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Carl Mamawal


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Nyfti 3-fold Bicycle

My team and I are avid cyclists and environment advocates. To lessen our contribution to greenhouse gases, we have decided to bike-to-work and use bimodal commute despite the lack of bicycle infrastructure and unsafe conditions in Metro Manila, Philippines. There are others like us too. That is why we developed the Nyfti folding bicycle. It uses our proprietary 3-fold mechanism that allows it to fold to the smallest size in its category. Our goal is to provide cyclists and bike-to-work commuters the most stable ride and with a compact fold city bicycle. There are other folding bicycles out there, but none are capable of providing the level of customisation and selection of components paired with a very compact folding frame that the Nyfti offers. Most folding bikes use custom wheels, hubs, sprockets and other components to achieve a compact fold which make the end bike very expensive. The Nyfti uses standard bicycle parts thats why users can manage the cost of the Nyfti by mixing and matching the components that they want.

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