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Innovation, Engineering, Organization Management,

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People with possitive attitude, compromised

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-President of Yo por México A.C. (NGO)
-President and Director of the Magnum Event México Trasciende with the participation of México´s ex-president.
-VicePresident of the Students Comitte of the Internacional Engineering Program in the ITESM Guadalajara.
-Certification of Innovation by the ITESM Guadalajara.
-Worked as a Life Guard in Disneyland Florida (2013)
-Love Sports and meeting new people.

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Carlos Aragón


Project Overview

This is México

This project is a campaign to inform people of the different unique locations within Mexico that not only have cultural value for the country but are also opportunities for business and growth. The idea is to create a series of videos dedicated to showcasing Mexico for it´s less known regions and aspects to attract investment and visitors to these areas and help push Mexico´s tourism industry. We wish to approach this idea distinctly by generating user content from around the country of people showcasing their experiences and best moments within Mexico especially in lesser known areas.

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Vamos por Venezuela (Go for Venezuela)

This project is a campaign to aid the citizens in Venezuela in the best way we feel we can from the exterior. Due to the fact that there is a current political situation in Venezuela that is causing people to struggle for basic necessities we want to create the Campaign Vamos Por Venezuela. This consists of creating videos that include citizens from Venezuela and from outside of Venezuela sharing the current situation and giving information. Ideally we wish to expand this campaign to get the help of Venezuelan celebrities that can help us cause bring more attention to the problem. The key part of this campaign is that we want to do more than just inform and we want to create a vehicle for people to be able to get involved. Due to the current blockades and the fact that much aid being sent to Venezuela is being blocked we have contacted organizations within Venezuela that are currently dedicated to aiding its citizens and decided that the best way to send aid is by sending money directly so as it can be administered directly within the country so as to avoid the government intercepting any aid sent. For this we want to open a site for donations as well as for the campaign to help the citizens of Venezuela.

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Yo por México

This is a student-organization focused on catalyzing economic and social change within Mexico. We have come together to create this group to share the tools we have concluded are most important to combating the biggest problems facing our nation, which are: poverty, education, and the national mentality that currently exists. The he believe are essential to this change tools are: Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Creativity, and Opportunity Creation. We are currently looking for the best ways to share these ideals with the people we believe will be future leaders within our country so we can begin to expand those concepts and have a much wider effect not only in our region but nationally. Our biggest event so far has been Mexico Trasciende where we had not only the former president of Mexico but also the first Mexican astronaut amongst others speak with university students to impart their experience and motivate them to truly try to create something different within their country. We have also created competitions such as Epidemia that helped young entrepreneurs with socially responsible projects and business ideas get the necessary advice from instructors so as to improve their projects as well as the opportunity to present to investors. These are only a few examples of projects that we are committed to develop and work on to help improve the communities around us and attack the problems that we feel hold Mexico back as a country. We hope to change the mentality of the people in our country that feel that there aren´t many options for the future while also giving those opportunities for the most marginalized communities to develop.

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