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Currently I have 30 years I have been working on the issue of non-cognitive skills during the last 7 years in this organization, raising awareness through the founding of the importance of developing these skills as a complement to the values which allow to train people and young freer, more autonomous, more self-taught, they propose and achieve their goals consigomismos being responsible and with their environment.

Implementing tools and practices that will enable young people to understand their starring role in the social dynamics besides giving evidence in social projects about how you can measure the progress of the participants who have never had contact with the development of these skills.

I am currently representative communication network for education of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, I do community work where we do and we implement these practices with children and young people in all states to carry the mission of the foundation.

I am an industrial engineer and systems graduate profession in Mexico Technological University with a degree as outstanding, I have a certification as a systemic coach and I’m about to start my masters in education. The organization has received for three consecutive years for its distinctive social work and commitment by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and processes are documented and the results that have contributed also coordinate activities that are evident.

My dream is to get children and young people from small during development identifies education as a means to be free, happy and freelancers to create value in a new kind of life.

Project Overview

Transformational competencies to generate autonomy achievement for Young and children.

The main objective is to provide children and youth with skills that are not formed within the traditional school and are those that will allow them to develop properly knowing their skills and talents, strengthening their capacity for achievement and social skills so that impacts all areas of their lives According to indicators dropout educated youth population of the country and found no study or work. We have taken on the task of providing a solution that contributes significantly to this problem. Our studies have identified the skills promoted in public school are focused on developing cognitive skills and noncognitive occur by reason of the field dynamics, but with the economic, social, family and violence in schools variations is very difficult to achieve positive growth and show a rebound in the ability of most children and youth. Based on the above, we decided to select those competencies identified in youth with a positive development and a socially responsible attitude to a questionnaire through the same participant behaviors that evaluates himself by reviewing their actions daily. The competencies are linked in different competitions which gives us a deeper review of your listing. The tool found online and can be accessed from any school throws us a result per person per group to meet its initial level of capability achievement and social skills aimed at communal success. Experiential diagnosis with participants so we can observe their performance and corroborate the results obtained in the tool becomes. When developing programs or educational developments we rely on studies previously made to identify areas of opportunity group and individually the results are provided to the participants themselves to develop a plan of action to strengthen these areas and follow up. Each program is different depending on the diagnosis and respecting the individuality of the participants.

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