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Naveed Khalid was always interested in driving. While pursuing an Telecom engineering degree from Iqra University, Islamabad.

He founded Carvertise.pk, Pakistan’s first on-vehicle advertisement Application. “We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the nation’s first and only On-Vehicle Advertising Company. CARVERTISE aims to ease the burden of rising fuel cost and soaring inflation rates. After you register with us at http://www.carvertise.pk you can get free Fuel while driving normally — no change in mileage, no additional driving. Just do what you do each day of week and earn! While car owners will get fuel for putting advertisements on their cars, advertisers will be able to take advantage of this new and unexplored medium of advertisement. The motto of our company is: “We Fuel Your Drive!”

Sure sounds good, but how does that work? Carvertise.pk works closely with advertisers to select the best car owners from across Pakistan. “The thing that makes the mobile advertising idea work is satellite tracking, or Vehicle tracking System which measures the accountability for clients. The system is installed in the cars, at the same time they are wrapped which helps to monitor the “wheelboard”, making sure that the brand is not in any wear or tear form and is forming an impression on the customer’s mind as it is supposed to do. Our friendly customer support executives, personal business managers and a dedicated Call Centre make sure that our clients are given the utmost importance. Our partner fuel station Shell and Attock petroleum on pan-Pakistan level act as random check-up camps to ensure that the brand is in proper condition. The cars owners will receive a pre-loaded magnetic card at the start of the campaign using which they can receive free fuel at the fuel stations.”

This unusual idea came to him, says Naveed Khalid, CEO of CARVERTISE.PK, while he was in an all-too-familiar setting: while he was caught in a traffic jam. “An idea to convert traffic into business opportunities came to me when I was driving and got stuck in traffic. The funny slogan behind trucks and vinyl stickers on police jeeps kept me busy and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The idea to charge advertisers to put their messages on privately owned vehicles clicked me.”

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