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IT skills (graphic designs), and I have creativity skills.

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My name is Cecilia N Naiteta , I’m 25 years old. I am a Final year student in the field of Engineering majoring in Information Technology.
From a humble background, brought up by a grandmother, that gave me more freedom to research and analyze situations. I like reading more and researching that brought me about to my career path. I am currently a self-employed Graphic designer.
I derive in meeting new people, learning from others, sharing and I like creating a fun working environment as it motivates individuals to work harder and be the best in what they do. Which made me win the best employee of the year in the company I worked as a Marketing officer and the best teacher as I was teaching at a private school.
Jocks is a part of my background, I like having fun as through that we get to know people….
I enjoyed Horse riding and Canoe boating as I grew up near Kavango river.

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Cecilia Naiteta