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The Universal Talk Time(UTT) scratch card product will be launched next month, the idea behind this start-up is that Zambia and Africa at large face a lot of challenges in terms of air time distribution and vendors charge 10% extra to customers as they say that it costs them extra to vend the scratch cards in bulk from the telecom companies when they operate in the villages. So we have made the UTT scratch card that will be able to top up any of the three telecom providers sim card (Airtel, MTN & Zamtel).

We have also come up with an idea of selling phones on their behalf on a credit facility by locking the sim cards with UTT talk time, only which they can pay over a long period of time due to the challenges facing many zambians when it comes to buying smart phones. We have partnered with banks in zambia to help us get the scratch cards to the villages on time as people find it expensive and difficult to buy air time as maybe the case that one providers air time will be available.

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Chabu Muchinshi


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Universal Talk Time(UTT)

UTT aims to reach to the zambian masses that do not get air time on time or have stock outs in the villages of zambia. we have taken a survey that showed us that villagers pay more for talk time eg a K5 scratch card costs K6, this is reaping off a poor villager and we want to eliminate this business philosophy.

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