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Chamila Asanga


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Textile development and Innovation

I´m constantly looking for

aphrodisiac, aroma c, special oil treated and resin wood mixed C-string in mates, using GYRINOPS GAERTN WALLA (WALLAPATTA- newly discovered, endemic plant in SriLanka.)

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A well-presented, creative, energetic,
self-motivated and flexible individual who can
meet any level of challenge willing to see the
positive side with breaking boundaries and
innovative. An explorer to the fashion and Textile
world, adopting universal trends successfully to
the Sri Lankan Fashion and Apparel Industry. A
learner for Life, believed myself with the potential
to adapt to any type of multi-cultural social
environment to be a valuable member to the
benefit of the society.I graduated B.Des.(Fashion Design and Product Development) in University of Moratuwa, SriLanka.