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strategic planning and digital communication, construction engineering, finance/entreprenuership. on top of that i have knowledge and skills in photography, film making, graphic designing and academic and general writing.

I´m constantly looking for

i am looking for more advisory knowledge and investors to establish my planned idea from just a thought to an action that will economicaaly empower alot of youth.

My profile

I am a graduate with a first degree from the university of Malawi, Chancellor college. I studied media for development. I specifically specialized in public policy making, strategic management and economic development.
the only award I have is my academic degree in media for development. however I have achieved a number of social and economic development issues in rural and urban Malawi which has improved people’s livelihood although I personally have not been recognized for a printed paper type of award.
currently I am a community youth social economic development activist in Malawi. together with other concerned Malawian citizens old and young we are conducting political leadership debates for the coming general presidential elections in Malawi.

I chair a club of youth where we engage in social and economic debates to foster youths development rights and social and economic empowerment.

I am recognized at a local level in my community and district as an advocate against social and economic injustices among the youths, the underprivileged and the vulnerable community.

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Chancy Tausi Tsonga