July 23, 2021 13:08

Hi Because of Sydney COVID 19 lockdown,there is a limited movement in train and shopping. I want to start buying materials for the prototype. There are 3 level of charging for Tesla.
1 110 volts slow charge
2 240 votlts medium charge
3 fast charge with high current.
I think I can fit into level 2 for my innovation. It is hard to get a real eV (tesla) to ask question and to answer some question.
thank you for a great opinion

cheers george yap (chee loong yap)

July 22, 2021 11:16

hi Khumar, can I suggest a person name Agassi from "better place" , he has a similar idea? I hope after 10 December when this competition is over, we can exchange ideas,
thank you
cheers george yap

Comment on: RainDrop
July 21, 2021 14:06

Hello Ms Bayron, I think you are doing a fantastic work planting trees. Keep up the good works and your team as well.
You know Amazon forest is the heart of the world in the planet Earth which pump much of the oxygen and it represent as a vital forest to be care for and no further deforestation, stop,period. A tree take million years to grow and split second to cut it down, that's wrong.
Again, all the best.
cheers george yap

Comment on: FeedLiberia
July 18, 2021 15:00

Hello, I think agriculture is important to feed human hunger but there should be a balance in terms of technology and others vibrant economics to strive.
In Maslow Law ,it states a man needs is 1 shelter, there is a roof over the heads or a house or a unit
2 transport -bicycle or bus or a car
3 clothing
4 food
5 social and recreation
these are the balance a human needs and when any one of these is not met, the structure of the persons is crumple.
Economics is about building a structure or a business to make money and it is hard when there is nothing to sell. That's why when I cannot sell . I build things for my own use such as bicycle, clothes line ,peg apron or folded shopping trolley.
I hope I can make clear not just focusing on agriculture but others sources of revenues to sustain the while running the agriculture.
thank you george