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Chidi Nwaogu is a serial Internet entrepreneur, computer programmer, Westerwelle Fellow 2019, Yunus&Youth Global Fellow 2019, Halcyon Incubator Fellow 2019, African Young Leaders Fellow 2019, SensX Fellow 2017, two-time recipient of OD Young Person of the Month, winner of The Bizz Business Excellence Award 2019, winner of Startup World Cup Nigeria Regional Competition 2019, and first place winner of OD Impact Challenge 2018.

Nwaogu started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16 with the creation of 9ja Boi Interactive, a video game development company. Today, Nwaogu is Co-founder and CEO of Publiseer, a digital publisher for African Creatives, described by Konbini as “one of the largest digital publishers in Africa”, identified by IFC as one of the startups “that could speed up innovation in Africa” and listed twice by ModernGhana as one of the “10 African Innovations” for For January 2019 and Mid 2019.

Nwaogu was selected by Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the 2019 MIT Venture Scaling Bootcamp, by World Youth Forum for The Arab and African Youth Platform 2019 in Aswan, and by Mastercard Foundation for the Africa Youth Works Summit 2019 in Cape Town. His startups have been featured on several media publications, like Africa Business Review, TechCrunch, IT News Africa, Konbini, and Ventures Africa, for their strides in the tech ecosystem.

Since Nwaogu was 19, he has co-founded, grown and sold two Internet companies, including LAGbook, a social network that garnered over 1-million registered users within three years. As a programmer, Nwaogu has been learning to code since he was 13. Today, Nwaogu is proficient in 5 programming languages, with JS and PHP taking the lead.

Nwaogu began public speaking as a keynote speaker at IT Leaders West Africa Summit 2012, where he gave a lecture on the role of social media and mobile in developing nations. Today, Nwaogu speaks at several summits, conferences, and seminars around the world.

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