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Licensed Medical Laboratory Technologist with a passion to help girls who are needy and deserving and those that dropped out of school due to various reasons to get educated by providing them with necessary learning materials.

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guidance from an individual with expertise in a similar field, partnership with individuals or organisations doing similar work and also financial support to get this project on track

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My name is Chimwemwe Waya. I was born on 4 February 1995 in Blantyre, Malawi. i hold a Bachelors Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences (HONS) obtained from the University of Malawi, College of Medicine. I was born in a family of five girls. Most people thought our parents were unfortunate for having daughters only but they never gave up on us and 4 of us have graduated from university with bachelors degrees. we are blessed to have parents that educated us, encouraged and supported us all through our education a privilege that most girls out there especially in the rural areas of Malawi do not have. We thought it wise to give back to our community by helping the needy and deserving female students in our government schools by providing them with necessary learning materials and supporting them financially. we are also looking at empowering girls in government schools and helping those who dropped out to go back and get their education back on track. This is all under the “Alexander and Salileji Waya Foundation” named after our parents for they are the source of our inspiration. as am speaking, the foundation is undergoing registration. I and my 3 sisters, Grace Ngosi, Martha Waya and Lucy Waya,we are the founders of this non-profit organisation.

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Chimwemwe Waya