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Snake bite is a major menace afflicting the savannah region of the world especially West Africa; Gombe Nigeria. There are over hundred species of poisonous snakes in Nigeria which commonly bites the populace leading to severe pains, health complications, paralysis, and in severe cases death. This has lead to the phobia of snake generally. In some towns in northern Nigeria, it is estimated that hundreds of people die each year from snakebites. The snake bite victims have increased over the years. This has moved us over the years as a family to develop a snake repellant known as Snakeaway. Snakeaway is a white granular substance that effectively repels snakes we successfully formulated an effective product which can be commercialized as the active ingredients are available abundantly. Our company will be a manufacturing industry that will produce this highly effective inescapable snake repellant. The product is safe to use, easy to apply, effective and has a 3 months efficacy. The Snakeaway granules is spread around homes, offices, farms, schools, churches, mosques and other places to prevent snakes from entering.

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