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Podcasting, Engineering, Sales and MLM

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Christian Parraga

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Watch and buy it on wheels

Objectives: Show Ads through smart TVs on a public transport at reduced cost giving opportunities to small business show their products and/or services. Reduce the use of papers in flyers or other material for Ads. Show through TVs educational Ads for a better society with more values. Give service to the businesses by giving the option to the public if they want to order the product or service in that moment and delivering it to their offices or houses paying through a mobile ATM. ATM will give the extra services as charging the consumer for the buy, money exchange. Job offers to profesionals needed. Activities: Sale the services, prepare Ads for the businesses, deliver the product to the consumer, install the services TV, ATM. Give jobs to profesionals. The first target for customers is small businesses by prospecting, then presenting and finally sales. This will help to give the information and create contacts creating a data base for future offers. While social networks as facebook, twitter, linkedin will be tools for ads and prospection, also the website and newspaper.

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