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Christophe Rukundo, BA, is currently pursuing a research degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in USTC-UW Institute for Global Business and Finance Innovation, Hefei, China. With the partnership of Asian Development Bank Institute, Christophe received 4 certified intensive trainings in finance. The first training is about the financial globalization, capital flows and the global financial cycle. The second one is about Financial inclusion, financial literacy, and financial education in Asia. The third one is about private financing for infrastructure and sustainable growth. In the last training, we explored much about the evolution and contemporary challenges of Financial inclusion. Before coming to a graduate school, Mr. Christophe acquired a vast experience ranging from grassroots level to international organizations such as Zola Electric Rwanda Ltd, Laterite Africa Ltd, a Data Consulting firm and UNHCR for the period of 4 years. Christophe and his research team’s recent publication funded by the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) explores the factors influencing the adoption of supply chain finance in supply chain effectiveness: the evidence from manufacturing firms. Christophe was also nominated by the graduate school to contest for the “top 10 MBA students award” to highlight the brilliant demeanour of MBA students of USTC and the characteristics of bravely climbing the peak, emphasizing the diversity of evaluation dimensions, the universality of coverage and the high level of award-winning students. His career interests, education, and background experience gave him a profound understanding of Education, Entrepreneurship, Development projects, Poverty alleviation, Sustainable Development Goals, Early Childhood Development programs (ECD), HIV prevention awareness (Health), Gender, Philanthropic and Humanitarian activities in communities affected by fragility, conflict and violence (FVC). After school, Mr. Christophe is excited to jumpstart his career preferably in a specialized institution to provide his contribution to the causes he indebtedly cares about.

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Christophe Rukundo