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christian okaro


Project Overview

Save Life In My Community.

Objectives: 1. To reduce the death rate of diabetic patients in my community. 2. To provide first aids to any patient in emergency. 3. To make available an emergency team that will respond to the emergency situation. 4. To provide diabetic patients with contour that will help them check their sugar level at any moment, and insulins for those that will need them. 5. To open small pharmacy centers in the community to serve the health need of the people. Activities: 1. Educating the patients on how to take care of their illness. 2. Providing daily treatment to the elderly people living alone. 3. Hosting campaigns that will create awareness of my work to the public ,and informing them how they can assist. 4. Providing immediate , effective and efficient emergency service to the diabetic patients. Innovative Approaches: 1. Opening a website that will inform the public about our work ,and information for diabetic patients. 2. Lunching a free emergency phone number to the public so they could reach our emergency team at any moment. 3. Lunching small emergency ambulance to assist us to convey patients to the hospital. 4. Educating the diabetic patients on how to live a healthy life. 5. I have the idea of lunching campaign to support the diabetic patients in my community, state and nation.

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