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Christos Kechagias

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Mazi mia Agkalia (Together a Hug)

Strange as it may sound, there is nowhere in Greece a campsite exclusively for People with Special Needs. This campsite is unique not only because it addresses exclusively to People with Special Needs, but, it also provides them the opportunity to choose on their own the appropriate period for their holidays from a range of options. Particularly, our services are: Holiday packages for standard periods during the year (3days, 7days and 15days) which address to People with Special Needs mostly in our country. Rental package for any available days during the year for everyone, especially schools and institutions from other countries. The campsite could also be used for additional activities from the local community and not only. Additionally, what makes it unique is the area, Leptokarya, where it is located, as it combines the view of the mountain and the sea, offering a variety of activities.

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