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I am Wenjun Xia, a sportive girl passionate on playing basketball, which not yet builds my muscle and fitness, but empowers me sustainable vigor towards the coursework and school activities. However, the sprains and strains are inevitable in the regular training. The recovery period used to be too lengthy to either force me to suspend the training, or even obstruct me from normal life owing to lack of related nursing guidance. The problem has annoyed me and my training peers for long, till I determined to build such a project exclusive for spread of the benefits and service of sports medicine.

Prior to the project, I did an array of surveys and studies to justify our project actually feasible and essential to the citizen in need. With more studies, I felt more assured that my judgement is sensible. Fitness, injury prevention, and treatment, as components of sports medicine concentrates on sports and exercise, but has always been ignored. But the Z generation form the new century is unfolding a wave of sports and body building fever. Growing youth have realized that it takes a collaborative effort to help the sport-related injury recover as quickly and safely as possible.

Therefore, it’s reliable that the area of sports medicine is in terrible want. Increasing citizens are addressing the challenges and limitations derived from regular sports and body building activities, not only professional athletes but also every individual of the general community. With the help of our project, the injury would be able to access fresh and creative treatment plans, the magic of the sports medicine would play out. By virtue of new treatments of sports medicine, damaged places may be restored and revitalized, and bring in faster healing and less recovery time.

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