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My name is Frantz ONE. I am 34 years old , a social entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO Kripton Technology. I am a primary school former teacher with 3 years of experience , where I teached underserved kids in rural areas with no access to electricity and internet , leaving it to start with my leadership and entrepreneurship journey in 2017 to make a bigger impact.
After several intensive training I started to assist and coach young entrepreneurs and leaders in my community via an Entrepreneurship Club named CEAJ ( Club Entrepreneurial Access Jeunes) created in 2010 after the Earthquake to provide training on leadership and entrepreneurship to help young people create value in the community and to participate in building a new Haiti after the earthquake . I am also the Vice-President of this club.
Myself , the former president and some other members of the club created Alternatives Business Incubator & Accelerator (ABIA) which is related to the club, we created it because we want to reach more people ,to help them start innovative and standard ventures from their ideas to solve the lack of business structure we are facing in Haiti . And I became the Director of Program at Alternatives Business Incubator & Accelerator (ABIA).

I am also a board advisor at Haiti Health Care Aide (HHCA) since 2019 until now.
I have been selected by the Haitian government , to be trained by one of the best poultry schools in the world: Dr. B.V Rao Institute of Poultry Management and Technology (IPMT) in India, Pune , after this experience ,my peers and I created CEREFA (Centre de Recherche et de Formation Avicole) in Haiti that empowers young farmers and offered my consulting services to BAC in North East after my studies in India.
I am a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI)a U.S State Department professional fellowship program and have been placed at Texas Global , The University of Texas Austin and 3 Day Startup for this fellowship. During this fellowship I have had an opportunity to be mentored by Peter Cortle, the CEO of StartupTree.
I have been trained by Center for Creative Leadership and hold a certificate in The Effective Leader.
I am doing a specialization in Fundraising at Philanthropy University, an online and free university.
In 2021 I was selected by Youth Peace & Leadership Organization to be the Haiti Country Director.

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Frantz ONE