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Clarin Micheylla


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Opportunities Multiplied Greater (OMG) Idea

Opportunities Multiplied Greater (OMG) Organization provides links, connections and trainings to beautify your CV whilst helping children throughout Indonesia. Only about 37.3% of Indonesias population graduated from high school, which shows such a low amount of people in compare to other countries as a whole. Our organization aims to help children to gain a better education by encouraging teenagers to create events which aims to do so. For example, members of our organization are coached to create events which will, in one way or another, benefit the poor in finding better education. Main objectives: 1. Creating opportunities for young people (13-25 y.o.) to beautify their CV so they can have a greater chance to get into a prestigious university or when they apply jobs. 2. At the same time, kids in less developing countries such as Indonesia would have a greater chance to have better education. 3. Shaping young people's skills in organization, management, and communication. 4. Increasing awareness towards the society. Activities: a). Itll be compulsory for a group of >10 people to create a non profit event where all the money earned will be donated to organizations such as WWF. b). Well hold seminars and camps as a form of training members to enhance their skills in organization, management, and communication. c). Well encourage members to apply on certain competitions based on their potentials and skills. d). Well also encourage them to volunteer to their community in their spare time.

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