Comment on: Crochet Hub Africa
June 11, 2019 19:57

i just voted your project.oh how much i love your project and the prospect of it making Africa a good place and footwears relatively cheap and affordable. the brain behind your project is much appreciated. Good luck.

June 11, 2019 19:41

Hi Blessing Ikiseh, you have a very good idea/project going on. i must confess education in Nigeria is becoming very difficult to achieve and with the end-goal of your project i believe education will come at everyone in just a matter of moment. Dont let anything or anyone deter you from actualizing this project to the fullest.

May 19, 2019 13:32

Very great idea Clems. This is what we need at these times. The massive hysteria n killings on ethnic grounds should be curbed. I support ur idea. I support this platform too.

Comment on: MotherCare App
May 18, 2019 17:25

fantastic idea you got here. i hope you get all the necessary support you could use to actualise this idea. its a beautiful one. Do not let anything deter you from bringing this idea to fruition. God Bless.
you can also checkout, vote and comment about my idea via

May 18, 2019 17:19

Great Idea. i hope you get the necessary support you need to bring this idea to fruition. its a really good idea, be sure that you have my vote and support. dont let anything deter you from actualizing this dream. thanks