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Project Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Biotechnology, Finance, Entrepreneurship, IT, Risk management

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Investors, Business Partner

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Coming from a family that operates in the ethanol business for almost 20 years in Togo, I describe myself brilliant, sociable, multitasking and self-taught, I am also a writer. Although trained in finance and project management accounting, I became interested in entrepreneurship and biotechnology very early on, by discovering business opportunities. I attended several courses and after my bachelor in university, I gained experiences and develop skills in some SMEs and in a large company; I even co-founded an online sales platform that I call “Divine Trader” where I gathered more than 250 young people with whom we work remotely where everyone earns in the form of commissions using social networks to boost sales a partner company (DIVINE IMEX SARL) operating in the Import-Export of therapeutic coffee.
On my business journey I met people who shared my vision. Step by step we formed a team and started the market research and feasibility of the project. I made partnerships to move forward despite several doors slamming in my face. Today we had made a lot of progress;
Our project is interesting most people and we have a strong business plan ready to go to the implementation stage of our processing unit.
About Awards and Recognitions:

I won “The Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant”. I am one of 7 Togolese selected by Tony Elumelu Foundation 2018 on more than 150,000 Africans from 114 countries worldwide applied to join the 4th cycle of the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s

I was also selected as one of 25 emerging young innovators in Africa to participate in the Dakar Amex Bootcamp 2018 in Senegal by ASHOKA ASSOCIATION & AMERICAN EXPRESS 2018. I was shortilized some international competition like AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD, EUREKA AWARD and so one.

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Clifford Plastid Hoglonou