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Collins Mugodo


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An accountant by profession with a passion for community development and youth empowerment.

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Youth Pro Empowerment (YoPE)

Every year, 500,000 young Kenyans enter the job market from schools, colleges and universities. Only about 25% are absorbed, leaving 75% to bear the burden of unemployment. Various researches suggest that young people are setting up informal micro-enterprises as an alternative to formal employment and as a way to achieve their independence. However, 48% of the youth have less than 50% likelihood of business success. This explains why 1 in every 3 new businesses fails within the first 6 months. Small enterprises in Kenya cut across all sectors of the economy and provide one of the main sources of employment and generate widespread economic benefits. SME sector accounts for 74.2% of the total persons engaged in employment and contributed up to 18.4% of the countrys GDP in 2003, 45% of these SMEs are owned or run by people in the 25-34 age brackets, and 5 percent are owned or run by people in the 18-24 year bracket. This clearly indicates that youth are actively engaged in business enterprises and largely contribute to the countys growth. However, youth enterprises lack access to affordable business support services, yet they play an important role in the Kenyan economy. Poor management, lack of planning, poor product quality, poor public relations, inadequate financing and weak marketing are among the leading causes of youth business failure. In order for youth entrepreneurs to maximize their impact and achieve their missions, they need professional support, resources and tools to successfully run their businesses. However, many cannot afford to pay for such services at the current market rates because of various factors including lack of financial resources. Likewise thousands of fresh graduates from institution of higher learning fail to get jobs because they lack the prerequisite experience and exposure required by most employers. To solve this twin social problem, YoPE recruits fresh graduates and students and offers them with training and consultancy skills. These students are then engaged as associate consultants to provide business support services to youth entrepreneurs. YoPEs aim is to empower youth enterprises by providing them with high quality business support and consultancy services at an affordable cost using volunteer team of professionals and college students, thus bridging the gap between the youth enterprises and other businesses.

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