Comment on: EDUheal
June 11, 2020 11:47

Great initiatives have started from small beginnings. Starting small whilst dreaming BIG, as you've enthusiastically elaborated on your video. Education as I know is fundamental, but I have reservations about our current education system. If you can be able to bridge the gap between education for tomorrow vs education that's being delivered now, that shall be awesome. Remember, we're in the knowledge age, where most new jobs were recently created, most of which don't need a formal education. Sadly, Many current jobs shall be obsolete by the time you finish your university.
I encourage you to watch these videos , and Get ideas from them and try your best to model that to what you're doing right now.

Comment on: Green Transformation
June 11, 2020 11:42

@Yafika Nkhowani, This is awesome! Ambitious! I love!
You've got it all figured out and your idea sparks strong emotions and the desire to motivate myself to succeed further. You see, Agriculture is the basis for everything, without it, we would be nowhere, our first parents were placed on a garden for a reason and when they transgressed, they were still sent to a farm; to work and be fruitful.
Your idea is BOLD, ambitious and well thought, touching all aspects of life!
I'm ready to impart the agricultural knowledge that I've acquired so far, to help you and your team succeed. Let's make it happen!

Comment on: Chicken 4All Ltd
May 23, 2020 11:30

Sustainability is the word. With more and more people especially in Africa getting into the Middle Class, means that there shall be need for more foodstuff especially proteins and where else to get better and affordable source of protein than from chicken?
Being an indigenous chicken farmer myself(not like my brother Joseph's scale), has taught me a few lessons that are universal. We can't satisfy the need for foodstuff, now with the population growing and more and more people getting into the class where they stop eating greens and go to lifestyle foods which account for more need of proteins. Hence the need for such projects as Chicken4All.
Can this be sustained? Yes! I've lived it. A single hen can give you at least 200 eggs per year and eggs when hatched, turn to more chicken provided that the best animal husbandry is adhered to while minding the customer's and the bird's health and wellbeing.
I could go on and on and on but I'd like to leave you with this, whenever you see such persons as Bill Gates actually investing in chicken, know that there's something there. Chicken don't have any waste and they create an ecosystem which in turn give you all these great products while leaving a negligible carbon footprint.