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Carolina Constanza Añorga


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ON ACT - Empowering Women to Empower the World

Carlson McCullers once said: "The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone. In a world where more than 20 million women are being trafficked, a helping hand is what they need the most. Fortunately, some women are rescued from the multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking. They are victims ignored by the government and ostracized by society, treated as criminals rather than victims. They do not have the motivation to continue with their lives, but with a center of victim resettlement, we will give the victims hope and the opportunities to stand up on their feet again and fight every obstacle in their way. After these women have been placed in a situation where they have been abused, threatened and violated; these women need to reconcile with their essence, and lose their fear of being victimized. We will provide training in different technical skills, so they become independent and capable of following their own dreams; all this through a system that is affordable and does not require abundant external donations (see implementation plans). It will be self-sustainable due to part of the revenue earned by the production of goods will go to the women themselves whilst another part will serve for the further development and growth of the organization. We will support them and prepare them to shape their own future. Once we show these women that they are not objects, but beautiful human beings, their will to live will come back and flourish.

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