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I possess inventive skills mostly on cultural arts which helps me express my feelings because of my introvertive nature and I am also passionate about science and sport. Having a dream of becoming a Business Administrator and Innovator.

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Collaborations with business development centres, business incubators, Advertising agencies like Brand Envoy Afica and First cam and more to help in the execution of this idea.

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Our names are Nkemdilim Cornelius Chinemelum and Okoye Nobert Sopuluchukwu.We are fifteen and seventeen respectively currently in Senior Secondary School.
Having my alma mater in the French country of Cameroon known as l’ Ecole Bilingue l’Auroru where I earned a prize of excellence in my sixth stage of primary school Education Examination known as the General Certificate of Examination(GCE)and emerging the third position. I and Okoye Nobert Sopuluchukwu,my teammate, have participated severally in the popular National Olympiad Competition in the science sector of the examination which has led to our little awards and monetary prizes.
Being an active participant in sports,I possess multiple awards in sports competitions like the prominent Milo competition awaiting to be recognized globally in the world of basketball.
We hope to achieve excellence also through other science competitions that come our way in the future which will increase our knowledge about the world and its wonders.

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Nkemdilim Cornelius/Okoye-Nobert Sopuluchukwu