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Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone
has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves,
to tie that belief to our highest ideas, and to imagine
that together we can do great things.
In those rare moments, when such a person comes
along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for
what we know is possible. Please vote me. You can contact me through [email protected]

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stanley gomani


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Lilly Casting Agency

It is important to take note that Malawi is least developed country and there is high rate of unemployment especially among the youth. The objective of Lilly Casting Agency is to become profitable and leading casting agency service provider in Malawi. As on March, 2014 there is no other firm offering casting services in Malawi. The firm will provide a variety of consultancy services to media houses, marketing agents, advertising company, productions houses, artists, director, and producers with customized, affordable and practical solutions for all casting needs. The idea of Lilly Casting Agency is easy to implement provided financials are available. The firm has early mover advantage and will execute the strategy toward the market flawlessly. At minimum, the firms major competitor is how the business has been or is being conducted. The firm will create a competitive advantage by being the first ever full-service casting service provider in Malawi. The firm will act as a liaison between directors, producers and actors and their agents. Main objective is matching ideal talent to each role available based on ability, experience, reputation and availability. The firm will provide wide range of services and it will keep a database of all talents available. The firm will sensitize all stake holders while penetrating in the industry. Whilst the company creates innovations, it will revolutionize the industry in Malawi. It is this idea (of Lilly casting Agency) where the future of the industry is defined. The most valuable thing the firm will posses is to represent itself in any situation whether is individual client, small or big companies. The Lilly Casting Agencys core competencies are to achieve (1) high quality services (2) developing reputation among the clients. The firm is intends to build on these competencies by forming strong relations with the clients.

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