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Chidi Umeibe


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Communications/Public Relations/ International Relations

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Curbing Child Trafficking in West Africa

The main objective is to help reduce the menace of child-trafficking in West Africa. The project will focus on educating the people in the region on the best way to fight the menace of child trafficking in sub-Sahara Africa, leading to brain drain, destroying the future of Africa, its economy and more importantly the future of the affected children Child trafficking is an abuse of the childs right. It is continuously on the rise due to poverty, bad governance, illiteracy, repugnant customary & traditional laws and parental negligence. This project hopes to tackle the menace of child trafficking, more importantly to eradicate contributing factors that emanate from parental negligence, illiteracy and repugnant customary & traditional laws through adequate education and sensitization. There would be series of seminars, workshops in schools and communities taught in local languages by Africans. The project success would be to adequately empower parents, community and religious leaders and all stakeholders, making them more knowledgeable to stand against child trafficking. There would also be a helpline number and e-mail where the public can report any person(s) or group involved in the business of child trafficking or encouraging the act

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