Comment on: ECNE-Farm Ltd.
June 22, 2020 18:02

Our fruits and vegetables produce are highly demanded in the present market. But the fact that both individual households, restaurants, hotels, event management company, markets, demands for this vegetables are large, doesn't relent us in marketing. Marketing is one aspect highly use in selling farm produced, our team of marketing expert will implore all marketing strategy to outreach good numbers of markets within Ogun state, and Lagos state. We will work hard to recruit Hotels, Restaurants, and Event management company, to increase sales and revenue. We intends to target first within Mowe Community, Owede Community, Ibafo Community, Sagamu Community, Ajibade Community, and expand gradually to other community's and cities with Ogun state and Lagos state.

We will partner with other producers of the same products' to bridge the gap or shortage of supplier's to our customers. Also, we will partner with them to supply a planting seed's to them. that's another aspect of produce we want to expand to, as another market opportunity for us in the farm business.

Comment on: GREEN RIBBON
May 30, 2020 21:57

Hello dear,

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Comment on: Curriculum Vitae
May 23, 2020 00:05

I felt cool to read about your great idea. education is really a key to human success and innovation driving force. education is so important in our world today that almost 90% success rate could be trace to good quality education. I will encourage you to look very well close to the cost-effective to allow as much low-income individual persons to access the resourceful program. keep it up. I wish you greater success in this career. Kindly take a look at mine project to share your view.