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Daisi Omokungbe


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Engineering,broadcasting and Entrepreneurship

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My names are Daisi Matthew OMOKUNGBE, hails from Ode-Irele, Ondo state, Nigeria, where I had my primary and secondary education respectively. I gained admission in late 2009 to study Electrical/Electronic Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti,Ekiti state.After my national Diploma(ND)in 2011, I got placement for my one year industrial training attachment to Adaba 88.9FM Akure,Ondo state.I got tempoary appointment after the IT as Engineering assistant in the radio station,in which I’m still working with up till this moment.I got admission early in 2013 to proceed with my Higher National Diploma (HND) on full-time basis,currently, I am now in final year.Moreover, I am a young writer and human right activist who believes that “entrepreneurship is the only veritable tool for fighting unemployment in Nigeria, and for sustainable economic growth”. I have demonstrated this through my numerous scholarly articles published in the national Newspapers and the internet, to call for an improved entrepreneurship education to pave way for skill development and innovation among the youths.Some of my published articles include:1.SME:Tool for development and economic properity,2.SMEs:A new soucre for national development and economic prosperity,3.Entrepreneurship education in Nigeria,4.Falling Education:The Nigeria Industrial Rvolution Plan(NIRP) and The National Enterprise Development Programme(NEDEP)will be counter-productive, among others.I am very passionate about economic growth and development and community development.I have been receiving mails and phone calls from the members of the public to encourage and thank me about my position on entrepreneurship education in Nigeria.I have written a book on the subject “entrepreneurship” which shall be published in my NYSC service year.

Project Overview

"SKILL UP NIGERIA" Self-reliance through promoting Entrepreneurship.

The main Objective: The main objective of this idea is to promote innovation, creativity and leadership to ensure and enhance self-reliance through entrepreneurial practices among the youths to solve the problem of unemployment and reduce poverty radically. This will be achieved through massive advocacy campaign on the endless opportunities which abound in practicing entrepreneurship. Activities In Nigeria as at today, awareness on the importance of entrepreneurial practice as a way of solving unemployment has been absolutely low and I intend to champion crusade and campaign in this regard through the following methods and approaches; 1. Running of radio programme which will be centered on how to advance the course of entrepreneurship education and its importance on the performance of the economy. 2. Establishment of entrepreneurship club in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions 3. Organizing of seminars and workshops which shall inspire, nurture, orientate, change attitude, guide, direct, educate, motivate and inform the majority of Nigerian youth about entrepreneurial practice with a view to reducing unemployment. 4.Proffering solutions and giving the best strategic ways and practices on how to achieve sustainable economic development through strengthening entrepreneurship education. 5. Joining hands with relevant government bodies, agencies and ministries to create and draft quality policy which would give birth to special and vibrant entrepreneurship context capable of meeting the present and future realities. 5. Publication of business information from adequate researches that will provide useful information on the subject.

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