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Dawit Kidane is a 35 years old man from Ethiopia and graduated in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization from Hawassa University. Dawit has been working as assistant lecturer in Jimma University since 2008. In 2013, he has got a scholarship opportunity and earned his master’s degree in Water Resource Management from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, under the New Zealand Government Scholarship. Upon completion of his study in 2015, he came back to his home country and continues to work in his previous university as a lecturer. Now, he is working in Adigrat University in department of natural resource management lecturing courses such as water resource management, renewable energy production and management, and soil and water conservation. Understanding that deforestation for fuel wood and charcoal making as a major driving force for land degradation, climate change and water resource depletion, he is very interested in providing a sustainable solution for the environmental issues such as deforestation, land degradation, climate change and water resource depletion. Hence, he is currently integrating his academic backgrounds with his work experience to put his finger print into the environment by applying a practical solution for deforestation and solve the cooking energy poverty of the rural people in Africa. As a student born from a poor family living in a village, he has learnt and covered his school education expenses by selling fuel wood and charcoal. When he go to home for vacation and observe the environment he grew, he realized that everything has gone and regrets what he did in the past was wrong but, deforestation has continued as both rural and urban people completely rely on fuel wood and charcoal for cooking. Now, Dawit has decided to pay back for his environment by providing all fuel and charcoal reliant rural people with smokeless and long lasting alternative cooking energy explored from a naturally abundant boulder. He has made a cook stove collecting local materials and tested the proposed cooking energy and finally ended up with successful result confirming that the proposed energy is capable to completely replace charcoal and fuel wood. He is also ongoing process to own business license to implement this idea at the ground and operate in manufacturing the stove that uses the naturally abundant boulder as a source of cooking energy but now paused due to COVID-19. He believes that the naturally abundant boulder, an alternative cooking energy to charcoal, is a miracle remedy for the environmental issues (deforestation, degradation, climate change and water resource depletion) that has to be implemented in large scale. So, he will work with great diligence and sprit for its realization.

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Dawit Kidane / Mekonnen