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ICT Education for Kids in Computing Programming in Nigeria

Objectives: To Increase Educational standard in Schools and among kids. To empower Kids right from childhood. To promote information Technology among kids with Positive influence on their lives. To help kids to choose a career path of their interest in Information Technology. To increase productivity among kids and self-reliant. To change the Country Negative image to a positive one among kids initiative programs. To create professionals and Experts in Information Technology. To give the less privilege children hopes. Activities Campaigning the program to schools Administrators and Owner to get involved. Sending Proposal Campaign to Schools in the Country. Helping School owner and administrators to see the benefit of ICT in their Educational System. Helping parent to get the necessary awareness on ICT for their kids and how they can use parental Control efficiently to prevent kids from associating with Bad association. Creating Jobs for Youths in the country with the program. Providing a universal Standard Curriculum for learning. Visiting schools every week to lecture and Train them with new technology based on the Age groups. Innovative Approach Providing Scholarships and Grants for exceptional kids in the schools. Provide part-time Jobs for kids at a very young age even while in school. Scheduling a boot camping on Technology for Kids on summer holidays. Creating a group of young professional with innovative minds. Reducing Unemployment among the youth and making them productive to the society. Creating a club for young ICT professionals in Africa (Nigeria).

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