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Building Engineering and management functions,Auto cadd,sketchup and power point

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Support,technical know-how and resources.there are over 50 million tonnes of plastic already in the oceans.Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in oceans and lakes,experts predict that there will be more plastic than fish in oceans by 2050.plastic is not the only challenges we have in Africa as a whole.housing is still very expensive especially for people in a slump and low income area.The solution is transforming the waste crises in Africa into employment opportunity by marginalizing group of people through creative skills training to promote and innovate mindset while empowering youths through recycling plastic bottles.The solution is to train local communities especially the disadvantage youths to protect the environment ,bottles replaced environmentally unfriendly bricks and blocks which are burnt for days promoting deforestation.bottles are collected and compacted with soil making the houses very cost effective and affordable.Further more the building are strong,buffer heat and are earthquakes resistance.This solutions will also train local people and provide them with skills of turning plastic into eco-bricks as well as constructing their own homes from plastic waste.

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I’m Danfulani Yakubu Umar,after my primary and secondary schools education,i went to federal polytechnic bauchi where i obtained a national diploma in building technology,and continue by leveraging with the technology through online courses where i earned many certificates and digital badges.

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Yakubu Umar Danfulani