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I am Daniel, a Horticulturist by professional from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. For the past 4 years I worked in a horticulture-based projects in Tanzania including Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) and East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer; currently I am an Agricultural Tutor at the Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI).
I am a founder of Horticulture Nyumbani Enterprises (HONE) a start-up business aiming to produce vegetable (Tomato, onion), Fruits (Passion, banana) and Spices (Ginger, turmeric, herbs) for local and regional markets at Kasulu district in Kigoma. The vision of HONE is to become a leading horticulture business entity in western Tanzania addressing food security and access to market by producing quality horticultural produces, using new technologies (greenhouse and drip irrigation) and sustainable means of production, increasing volume of production, produce diversification, processing and post-harvest handling, market strategy, providing nutritious food. The matter of fact, Horticulture sector in Tanzania is growing by 11% and contributing $ 779 million according to TAHA (2020), despite of this growing potential, only 15% out 80% or arable land for agriculture in Kasulu district is utilized for horticulture farming activities, this lead to low volume of production, unreliable market, poor diversification and poor quality of the produce. By seeing this opportunity, HONE will bring solution by developing a horticulture business in this region by developing market strategy for selected crops, using new technologies of greenhouses, drip irrigation and crop calendar system of production and experts to increase the productivity and growth of horticulture sector in Tanzania at large.

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Daniel Kisoko