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Innovative HIV prevention approaches to reaching young people in Kenya

Kericho Youth Centre Profile Kericho Youth Centre (KYC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kericho County, South Rift Valley province of Kenya. KYC implements HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, peace building, and economic strengthening programmes targeting the young people. KYC begun as a Focused Group Discussion group (FGD) in 2005 and was later registered in 2007 as an NGO. Its membership is open to all the youth aged between 15-35 years and community based youth groups.KYC was formed with a principle to provide Youth friendly HIV/AIDS prevention services. KYC has been able to counsel and test over 60,000 youth and community members to date.KYC has been also been able to offer internship and mentorship programs for over 50 college students, networked with over 150 youth self-help groups. Of these, 18 groups have received funding for various income generating projects. VISION Highly informed, empowered, healthy youth and communities MISSION KYCs mission is to serve as an empowerment centre for the youth and communities, equipping them with life-enhancing skills through: economic empowerment, leadership & governance, health, environmental conservation programmes aimed at making them productive and self reliant Why target the youth? The youth form the section of the community which is a high-risk group faced with difficult circumstances because majority live in poverty, are out of school, they are married off while still young especially girls, they are sexually and physically abused, they are victims of retrogressive cultural practices that enhance vulnerability. The lack of respect for young people's basic rights manifested by these situations leave them vulnerable to HIV infection.

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