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I am an expert in data collection,processing and interpretation, a rational decision maker, a social entrepreneur and currently running a successful community based organisation whose major goal is to promote the use of renewable energy and also encourage zero emission sources of energy for cooking in local households in Uganda,I have the capacity to forecast and model economic and mathematical problems in businesses and projects,I have studied monitoring and evaluation which makes me feel a complete package as far as business, investment,savings, entrepreneurship and socioeconomic growth are concerned,Lastly as a quantitative economist who is well versed with banking, investment and savings,I am advocating for a Youth Development Bank in my country to help in supporting youth enterprises and to increase access to credit and investment opportunities by the youth.This is aimed at boosting creation of decent jobs for the youth,investment,savings,economic growth and uplifting our economy into a middle income status by 2020. Since the youth comprise 77 percent of Uganda's total population and with highest prevalence rate of unemployment in Africa and according to statistics, it is estimated that over 400,000 youth graduate every year from various universities in the country but the job market can only offer about 150,000 jobs leaving 350,000 youth jobless every year,this makes the Youth Development Bank (Y.D.B) a big issue in this campaign.

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I have done a bachelor in science in quantitative economics from Makerere University, I am a CEO of Africa Solar Initiative which has been a fast growing community based organization with an increasing number of people subscribing to it every month,and so a number of donors showing interest in our activities in communities and local households in Uganda.I received recognition from Educate! which is an N.G.O focusing on helping youth led initiatives,I was awarded a gold certificate of recognition and also received recognition from Universities Together Empowering Development.(UNITED) which is an N.G.O focusing on social impact projects, I managed to come into partnership with several organizations such as Blazing Tube Solar which is an internationally recognised organisation and UNITED, a locally recognised organization..Below are some links to our facebook page and website:

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