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Geophysicist, Entrepreneur and a Strategist

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Personal information:
Name: Esiobise Daniel .O.
Address: FCT Abuja
Mobile NO: 08068359795
Marital Status: Single
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 16th Febuary, 1984
Place of Birth: Warri
Nationality: Nigerian
Religion: Christianity
State of Origin: Delta
L.G.A: Ughelli-South

Institutions attended and Qualification Obtained

. National Youth Service Corps
University of Nigeria Nsukka
BSc. Geology/physics Goverment Secondary School
Senior Secondary SchoolCertificate
community primary school
First School Leaving Certificate

Other institution and Certificates and Awards
International Strategic Management Institute
. Certificate in Strategic Management
CBN/EDC Entrepreneurship Development programme
.Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Computer institute
Certificate in Computer Appreciation.

Personal Profile: Visionery, innovative, creative, Personal commitment, a team player, self motivated and goal oriented?
good oral communication skill, Problem solving skill,good leadership skill, good negotiation skill and inter-personal skill.

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Daniel Esiobise


Project Overview


Globally, insecurity has become a major challenge to all and sundry, due to the different terriorist attacks that is been targeted at innocent souls on a daily basis. This therefore, has prompted concerted efforts from the international community and government of various nations to embark on finding solutions and ways to help curb this ugly menace , ravaging the entire human race. Which also is the bane to Nigeria social-economic development. It is on this premis, that i am presenting my idea, to help solve the security problem in Nigeria. That has metamorphose into; bokoharam insurgence, kidnapping and arm robbery etc. Therefore, the objectives to be reach by this solution includes: (1) To breach the gap of security intelligence that exist between the ordinary citizens and the various security agencies in Nigeria. (2) To provide ICT innovation that will be use to detect any form of security threats. (3) To provide security gadgets that will be use to crackdown explosive devices. However, to successfuly realized this set objectives, the activities to be carried out would be; a strategic business approach that will engage in the business of providing the following services: (1) information communication technology (ICT) service. (2) Marketing and sales of security gadgets and (3) Security contracting. Hence these business approach would make use of American innovation and cisco security solution to provide safety and security to the people of Nigeria.

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