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Cleaner Town, Biological Farming (CTBF) : Investment in organic waste.

As most of the third world countries, Algeria suffers from underdevelopment in various fields, it has encountered several problems that obstruct development and the sense of civilization . It became usual in Algeria to observe the lack of hygien and cleanliness which is mainly caused by irresponsible messy remnants of popular vegetable markets and street vendors. CTBF consists on turning these remnants from a factor of polluting the environment and distorting the view, into a source of multiple benefits, through exploiting them and turning them into usable agricultural fertilizers, either directly or after fermentation process ( Using the Vermicompost ways) , which doesn't require lot of capital. Besides its role of creating a clean environment, and as its principle is also dedicated to the awareness of the need to reduce the use of chemicals that are causing several negative symptoms , both on the sides of the environment and nature, flora and fauna and the health of the consumer in the first class, it provides a 100% organic and natural fertilizers that improves physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in the fertilized soil, it will be represented with the low price which is a big advantage for local peasants with average and low incomes. CTBF will also have the effort to help in reducing the main youth's nightmare: unemployment, it provides diverse job opportunities on its differnet tasks, which qualifies the CTBF to be a leading enterprise in Algeria as it affects a different aspects that are essential for any nation's development: Environment, Youth employment and Agriculture.

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