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Darren Teo


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A walking stick or a four-legged walking frame is typically used to improve day-to-day mobility. However these devices are either bulky, hard to handle or do not render sufficient stability. Therefore, this innovative rehabilitates device for the physically challenged and elderly, the F Frame is designed to address the challenges end-users face when using these conventional devices mentioned earlier. Depending on the walking terrain and preferred usage pattern, end-users can choose to use the device in either the collapsed or non-collapsed configuration. When used in the collapsed configuration, it operates just like a normal walking stick. When desired, the end-user can effortlessly disengage the built-in lock to transform the device into an H-shaped frame, which is equipped with a pair of handles and legs, providing enhanced support. The collapsible walking device comprises a pair of supports and a pair of connecting frames. The supports and connecting frames are arranged such that they form a two-dimensional H-shaped structure in the non-collapsed configuration. The H-shaped structure renders better stability than a walking stick, and works well even on sloping and uneven surfaces. To switch to the collapsed configuration, the two supports are brought together in parallel to each other with the connecting frames executing a scissor-like action. In the collapsed state, the device can be handled and stowed easily (e.g. on board a vehicle). For better usability, a handle is attached to the upper end of both supports. Rubber foots are also fitted to the lower end of both supports to provide added support and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

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