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I am a student of Computer Engineering, I am also a student leader as I am politically inclined. I operate a cucumber farm in a small scale. I also write for a Newspaper firm. I am also a good orator and a member of my school's debate club. I am good at seeking and providing solutions to problems

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Recommendations and feedbacks, this is to enable me primarily expand my business. Ideas relating to my field and business will be highly appreciated. The major challenge is finance, having strategically studied the market, I have a very high competitive advantage against my competitors, especially in my country.

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I am David Ekanem, the CEO of EKANEMS FARM. EKANEMS FARM is successfully registered with Google my Business and you can search is up. I am also the Team leader of NUPRO, an Agricultural firm that deals with the production and marketing of organically grown agricultural produce. I am a student of Computer Engineering, faculty of Engineering, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Asides, being elected for a second term and as Chief Whip of my Departmental Legislative Council, I have also been awarded on other platforms as a committed student leader. In business, I have been awarded as an outstanding entrepreneur by my state’s Governor through the ruling political party of my state. I have also, been rewarded for my passion in Agriculture by the Speaker of my state’s House of Assembly. I have been nominated for another entrepreneurship business award by the SA to my state’s Governor.

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