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Village Cloud (Reviving Culture Through Technology)

Main Objective: Bringing every culture online (Growing Culture with Technology) Village Cloud is an online Cultural network combining both eLearning and ecommerce for a region/locality. The ecommerce part would be a network connecting local creators to consumers, providing attention to the three basic amenities to life. Clothing, Food, Shelter. 1. Clothing: Continental cultural clothing of a region, made by registered and trusted local creators. 2. Food: Provides Continental food stuff and also directories to where local cuisines are served. 3. Shelter: Provides directories to local hotels, and other continental homes. Village cloud (ecommerce) would be a market that allows the old and new way of trading i.e. Barter trade (A means where people who dont have the money but got the goods/services also get what they require) and cash trade. Village Cloud (eLearning) would be a network bringing together people from different parts of the world who are ready to learn a lot about different cultures and also people who are ready to teach others. This would have a positive effect on cultural diversity which could lead to peace building. Key innovative approaches: Barter trade, pick-and-drop

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