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Social entrepreneurship, and project management (Policy work, Budget analysis and tracking, Community monitoring, trainings and Research),

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To complete my idea i will need Financial and human resource support from NGOs and government as well as my fellow youth and women (volunteers) apart from that i will need materials such as hoes, shovels,wheelbarrow,Containers, welding Machines etc

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My name is Davies Mwachumu, a Malawian born on 7th December 1985 (30 years old). As Program Coordinator of the SEC-SUP initiative I am highly committed, hardworking and excellent team player, always ready to dedicate myself to create and innovate for the betterment of humanity emphatically, less privileged communities in Malawi. My desire is to base my career in the developmental and human rights works and link it to social entrepreneurship. This will enable me to directly or indirectly contribute to lives of people in my community through job Creation and contribute to proper natural resource management. As a young man I believe that my innate capability to learn quickly and work with minimal supervision could add value to management of my own enterprise, Moreover, I am highly culturally adaptable to fit in any social setting with ease. I studied social sciences at the University of Malawi Chancellor College my major was Sociology and i minor Marketing Psychology. As such, l am privileged to have a social entrepreneurship and marketing academic back ground. In addition to my academic background, I was among the 15 participants of the the social entrepreneurship training in Costarica and Lebanon as a pilot course of the masters of global health;a new approach to natural resource management which was Funded by master-card Foundation and organised and facilitated by Earth University and American University of Beirute. I hope to put to practice my social entrepreneurship skills and knowledge i learned in Costarica and Lebanon to the benefit of my fellow Malawians and to contribute towards achievement of SDGs.

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Davies Mwachumu