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I am19 years old, I am from Colombia, I’m a student of Public Accounting from the Externado University of Colombia, through time I have been interested in the various social problems that arise in today’s world and I have the conviction that our existence must be accompanied with a balance as to what social concerns.

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David Julián Ortega Hernández


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QUALCOSA is a self-sustaining non-profit project that seeks to coordinate three stages of human beings relating to health, education and nutrition for the improvement of eating habits, quality of life for people who have low economic and efficient use of time which in todays society is really crucial resources. QUALCOSA is the following: QUALCOSA RESTAURANT: The restaurant will offer 100% balanced menus focused on reveling people the properties of all ingredients that are included in the dishes. Because, many times we do not know how each food can contribute to improve the quality of life. Besides, we do not know how a custom diet can help to supply different health necessities. Furthermore, the restaurant will work hand in hand with a mobile application that will allow users to choose their customized daily and / or weekly menu, thus helping to reduce waiting times. Moreover, the restaurant will operate in parallel with a soup kitchen for children from low income so they can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet according to the nutritional needs of each one. This soup kitchen and restaurant will be operated by childrens parents who are in the communal dining. QUALCOSA RECYCLING: This is an integral recycling project that seeks first to contribute to sustainable growth and mitigate the environmental impact created by us. The initiative is divided into the following points: o Project recycles at home: This project will seek that families make the garbage selection process on their home to which subsequently lead to the foundation. The material will be sold or used for the manufacture of home accessories and crafts. o Project recycles and eats: This project will seek that customers be awarded points that can be redeemed for beverages or dishes depending on the number of points. It, just bringing recyclable material.

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