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Dawyn Chendela Director General of Focus on Poverty Reduction and Development(FOPRAD) was born in Zambia’s southern town of Kalomo on the 17th of August in 1985. He completed his high school education at Kabanga Christian High School in Kalomo in 2006 before attending a theological college where he took a two year certificate course in Bible and congregational leadership at Mapepe Bible College in Chilanga near the capital city Lusaka.

While at the college. I participated in a number of community service ventures such as evangelical medical missions where I worked with the visiting Americans as well as local medical officers to provide medical and spiritual support to poverty striken communities especially those in the central, northern and southern regions of Zambia. Apart from this I also participated in a program where we could mobilze resources to provide handouts to vulnarable children within Chilanga.

In 2009 I went to the University of Zambia to study social work. Inspired by my experience in working with the poor people, backed by my own poverty experiences in my childhood, I dreamed of a better Zambia where no one live in absolute poverty. It was from this point that the idea of forming FOPRAD was born.

As Director of FOPRAD am always working very hard to bring out the completeness of my development ideas through writing, talks with people as well as  teaching.

Am happy that FOPRAD is now Making progress through a sustainable community development approach.

Currently I live with my wife in Sinazongwe at Sinazeze, where the FOPRAD centre is located.

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Dawyn Chendela


Project Overview

Indigenous Chicken Rearing

Our goal is to eradicate absolute poverty in Zambian communities by creating decent employment and helping people to implement sustainable income generating projects using simple, cheap, but effective methods before 2055. To achieve this goal we have set the following objectives: 1. To empower the communities with resources and skills in sustainable agro production and marketing; 2. To create employment; 3. To seek favorable markets within and outside Zambia; 4. To carry out research works to generate more knowledge; 5.  and to provide consultancy services. Guided by the set of objectives above, we approach our goal by targeting the most deprived communities first. Currently we are operating in Sinazongwe district which is 90% rural with more than 70% of its population living below the poverty line.  Our project is designed to train and empower the targets as individuals to prevent individual selfish motives from impeding progress. we believe that it is a human right that all humans should live above the poverty line, therefore our approach empowers the targets with skills in agro production and marketing after which we provide them with seed stock. In the case of indigenous chickens we provide four hens and a cock. We monitor our beneficiaries to ensure success. When the chickens reproduce we demand back our seed stock together with five more chickens to enable us train and empower other beneficiaries until every household in the community benefits. Instead of providing handout as some organisations do, we train our beneficiaries how to make their own income. In other words, we teach them how to fish, and then show them the road to the river with the worm and a hook. In the future we intend to introduce other developmental projects such as fish farming, organic agriculture, piggery, turkey and duck rearing.

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