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I am passionate about biology, I am a student of biological sciences, and because of that, this year I created a blog together with some friends, with the objective of disseminating science, where we produce various materials on health and biology. I also love to participate and create new projects that contribute to a better world.

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I need people who believe in the potential of the idea and who are willing to contribute, with time and dedication.

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I studied alone to enter university, it was a period in which I developed skills to study with the resources that were available. In the second semester of college, I signed up to take a monitoring exam, in which I passed, and spent a year helping students learn a discipline called Biophysics. This year, I did an interview at Embrapa Cotton and was selected to work as an intern in the area of ​​Agricultural Entomology, working with biological control and pests. During the quarantine period I decided to create a blog for scientific dissemination, with the support of three friends, we developed a blog and an Instagram focused on education. I also conducted an interview on a project called Mentoriza that aims to help students enter university, I was approved and I am part of the team, being content coordinator.