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I love planning and I am good at it. This is a skill that I have achieved as a leader at university, first as a treasurer and after that as a secretary general in the "Environmental Student Association of Kenyatta University" club.

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As a young person, I am looking for a wider networking circle to be able to take my initiative to a higher level of achievment.

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I am a 23 year old girl from Maralal, a rural pastoralist community in Northern Kenya. My first major achievement was as the best female student in my county at the primary school level. From a very young age, my desire has always to alleviate the problem of poverty among the girls in my community who are traditionally perceived to be inferior. At university, I enrolled for a course in Environmental health that would move me towards achieving my dream. I joined the Environmental Health Students Association where I rose to the rank of treasurer and secretary general where I was able to organize and participate in many activities that entailed improving the health of people in various slum areas in Nairobi.
I came up with an initiative, WeMa, that seeks to improve the living standards of young women in my community which will lead to an improvement in their health and well-being as a result of a better quality of life.

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