August 11, 2018 21:19

@magan... you got such a great concept friend.... i wish you will achieve the gold you set for your idea in coming future.... thank you so much for supporting my idea in this competition ... good luck!!

Comment on: Re-feeding America
August 11, 2018 21:16

You have a great well-planned will benefit the society a lot in future .... looking forward to seeing your idea in work.... thanking you for supporting me we are all same minded people we need to support each other in this betterment of world so would as you some few questions please share it your views with link you come up with this great idea? and what you expect with it in the coming 5 years? .... I voted too for your idea today .... wish you a good luck for your future.

if you haven't checked my idea yet then please feel free to share your views and feedback on it by commenting as I m very low in votes and deadlines are near so if you think it is a good idea please vote for it.
Thanking you.


August 11, 2018 21:11

Thank you .....i really appreciate your comments...

@kanika...thank you again.... our idea is almost similar we both want to help the patient in an economic way and to give lessons to pharma companies ... i alsoneed genaric meds for my idea too so would love to collaborate in future .... i wish your idea comes in work for betterment for future!! good luck!!

@paul ... thank you so much !! wish you the same .... good luck for your bright future!

August 11, 2018 21:05

Hii Nawarath again,
Thank you so much for your kind support and appreciation .... I am totally agreed that this collaboration doesn't end at list till the competition per your new questions here are my responses idea is based for the patient and also to help doctors wishing what i see is good for both patient and the doctors.
b. cooperation is the key to achieve any goal... i wish to do it with hospitals and medical treatment centers.
c. well my form would help them to reach their goal for more patients and in return, i will reach mine for healty world.
good luck to you too my friend!!

August 11, 2018 20:56

Thank you ....i really appreciate your comments,

@naman ... thank you so much friend!! supporting each other is the best thing we can do to help! i would love to meet you as well!! good luck!!

@team_parkner ... you guys got such a great concept as well.... thank you so much for supporting me!!
as per your question, i see my idea in work in coming future in every medical treatment field.... as inspiration, i think this platform is much more than that for me.....good luck guys!!

@kanika ... you really got a brave concept .... thank you so much for supporting me here ... well, my idea comes with the same field as yours... u know how transparent the system is for medical treatment so looking at these situations lead me to this idea.

August 11, 2018 20:47

thank you .... i really appreciate your comment...

@omid ..... thank you ... wish you all the best for success for your idea in future.

@rawnak .... thank you again .... my future aspects are to create transparency in the medical treatment field and as same as other wishes to achieve grand success as well...

@yeshwanth ....thank you so much for you such lovely and kind words ... will surely update you when it's live ..... totally agreed .... supporting is the key to success... good luck to you too my friend!!

@temitope .... true each and every idea here is such a unique ..... i have been through your idea it is such a brave concept .... thank you so much for supporthing me as well ... good luck!!

August 11, 2018 20:39

HIi @lorentz
thank you so much, my friend,i wish the same for you... it would be the pleasure to meet such creative minds in personal.

As per your questions,
the key factor for me is medical treatment transparency,
i will i get this at just a conceptual stage ... i am working right now on it and looking like minds to build up a team as this is just my own idea without any other mind so would love to get the suggestion so to become an enterprise it will take a lot time but yeah i do think it will need the patent.

August 11, 2018 20:33

Hii Nawarath,
Thank you again, my friend.... now as per your question, I got this idea when i see the opacity in the field of medical treatment and the pain of patient for wait and for money so as i think more in this matter i got this as soluation .... however this is not the proper solution i guess but it will help the community in my opinion.

And for 2nd point, it is most relevant to my country as well u got a such a great idea .... i would love to help you out if need anything from my side feel free to ask help anytime.... you got suh a creative idea!!!

August 11, 2018 20:22

@abdullah .... thank you so much friend .... good luck to you too.... supporting each other is the best thing we can do for our betterment of world.... wish you good luck for your bright future.

@shadi.... hii there again thank for inviting ... I have already been there ... you got a wonderful idea.... it will surely do the best for our society..... wishing you great success!!

August 11, 2018 20:17

Thank you..... I really appreciate the comments...

@mayowa ..... thank you ..... yeah agreed the partnership is key to success... Good luck to you too!!

@kanika .... thank you..... i would love to be a part of digital India campigan. :)

@niazul.... thank you .... yeah agreed the partnership is key to success... Good luck to you too!

@yeshwanth .... thank you .... i wish the same for your idea in future.... Good luck to you too my friend!!!

@vivek ....thank you so much for your kind words .... will definitely be in touch with you when in need.... thank you again!