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I ,Tresor while I was in China, I majored in International Politics, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Shandong University in Jinan. During my stay in China, I did an internship at the Congolese embassy in Beijing (China). After my Bachelor’s degree, I received a Master’s degree in Enterprise Management. During my studies, I learned about Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management, Political Science and so much more. To improve my knowledge of Enterprise Management, I did an internship in a Chinese company called CIMC, which make and sell a variety of trucks. I was the Francophone Economic Manage. While working there, I attracted many customers and increased the company’s profit. In addition to my education and experience, I fluently speak three languages: French, English and Mandarin Chinese.
Last year from August 2016 to the middle of November, I did an internship at the Congolese Foreign Affairs Ministry of Cooperation of the Congolese overseas in Brazzaville. I learned how the Foreign Affairs Ministry is organized and how it works in the local and international area. I was also sensitive to the confidential nature of the work. So far into my internship, I have written diplomatic correspondences, information notes… just to name a few tasks. I worked at the multi-lateral department and learned more about its organization. As a collaborator, I provided administrative management support to my chiefs, such as special administrative duties like writing correspondences, event analysis, preparing non-government organization records, and so on.
In terms of extra-curricular activities back in China, I was a youth leader in a fellowship called Jinan International Christian Fellowship. I was in charge of the youth ministry for five years. The majority of the members were from Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. We accommodated predominately English speakers, but also people that spoke French, Spanish, and Portuguese. I was in charge of the teaching and training programs, organization of outreach events on different campuses, and organization of the church services and cultural events. To be in such a position, I was required to be fluent in English and have a good oral expression. I also had an opportunity to enhance my English level by staying in the US (Peoria,IL) for about two months.
For about five years, I was the chairman of the Congolese Association in Shandong Province (China). I was also the co-founder, manager and athlete for Shandong University African Soccer Team from 2010 to 2015. From March to May of this year, I was selected to attend the YALI leadership program in Nairobi, Kenya. During my stay, I have enhanced my knowledge in public management, good governance and how to positively impact my community by exhibiting good leadership for a sustainable social transformation. Also in the same program, I completed an online training with Arizona State University. Because of the fact that I spent years in a multicultural environment and enhanced my leadership’s skills at the YALI program, I’ve learned to become a better leader by implementing the seven habits of highly effective people to anything I am doing in my community. I am an easy going person, the type of person that everyone wants to have on their team. I know how to accommodate people regardless of their cultural background, and make them feel at home.